About Theresa

Theresa RobaTheresa Roba is a well known spiritual psychic medium, life-coach counselor, and reiki master healer.  For thousands of people in the United States, the holy spirit has worked through her to allow people to no longer fear death and to find joy in feeling their deceased loved ones with them.  By receiving messages that personal to only the client and the spirit, the sessions validate the clients “CONNECTION” with the spirit.  Through validation of the soul’s existence and the “CONNECTION” we all have with our loved ones, we learn that we are loved and never truly alone.  For love is everlasting.  Compelling, poignant, very similar to John Edward or James Van Praagh and tempered with a down to earth appeal she is a psychic communicator.  Theresa is a truly gifted medium with an over-flowing heart.

Many have witnessed her remarkable psychic power and the immense comfort, peace and hope which she has brought to many. Theresa Roba has given information that gives undisputed proof of life after death.  We should embrace this type of work and thank God that we are loved and looked upon as souls that ready to be open to receive such a gift.  How did such a gift come to a photographer, loving wife, and mother of three children? After recalling a painful past life memory in Our Lady Czestochowa (the shrine located in Doylestown, Pa.) Theresa heard Our Lady’s voice asking her for help, but knew she would be loved whether she said yes or no.  Feeling an overflow of love she surrendered her heart, accepting this gift and said yes.  Days later in meditation she heard the words “open your eyes”.  When she did, standing there was an old man in a monk’s robe.  He told her his name was Padre Pio and mysteriously as he appeared he disappeared.  Shortly after, spirits, souls, that had passed began to wake her at night.  And as she went through her day she would see these spirits standing behind people.  As messages were received telepathically, and by releasing the ego…The work began.