Thank you Theresa for coming to my home and sharing your gift. You brought closure to those who needed it and your warmness and kindness just added to the evening. I look forward to another reading.

Amy Weiss

We had a gallery done at my mother in laws house last night. Theresa you were amazing. It brought closure to many who ached for their lost loved ones. I can not thank you enough. You are better than great! Thank you for everything you did for us to make it happen.
Liz Firman

Elizabeth Firman

I just wanted to send you a note telling you Thank You for the reading you gave me.
I also want to let you know that I figured out all of the messages you gave me, that didn't make sense at the time. There were a few things that I had to think about. And of course it was a big "duh" when I realized exactly what it was. You are the real deal, unless anyone is wondering or has any doubt. I was so grateful that both my parents and my in laws came through! I was particularly thrilled that my son, Brian came through, as he is the one I needed to hear from. I communicate with him often, but kept having the feeling that he was trying to tell me something that I just wasn't getting. You gave me that message and now I feel so much better.

Again, I want to Thank you, and let you know that I will be praying for you and your family!

Debbie H.

My name is Cathy, and I was part of a group seating you had at a friend of mine's house.
I would just like to say, Thank you for the wonderful messages you have delivered to us.
What an amazing and wonderful gift the Heavenly Father has blessed you with, and I am so sure you are making the Heavenly Mother and Padre Pio very proud of you. Not only didn't we expect what you delivered us, you, yourself, are such a warm kind and laid back person, we felt very comfortable with you. Thank you so much again, from myself as well as my sisters. When we left, you mentioned something about doing a free phone reading with us, and I would love to do that as well, or participate in it. I do have some questions to still ask my Mom.....(you never stop needing them haha).

Thank you again, and God Bless you, and the wonderful work you are doing.

Cathy K.

I want to say that Theresa is amazing. I had two differ readings with her.

I brought my best friends mom coat with me to the reading. This lady was like a mom to me. Theresa said that she wants to know why I left her favorite coat in the car, That is where it was. She also said that I was not with her when she died, I told Theresa yes I was and she said you were not you were in the hallway on the cell phone. I was making phone calls for my friend, so i was not in the room with her. She also told me that her mom was standing infront of me with a burger saying do you eat. That was something she would say to me all the time and she knows I would eat alot of burgers. It was so great to hear from her cause when my mom passed she was like a mom to me.

I also had a phone reading and she told me what my house looked like to a T, and that my mom said that there was something in a rose frame, it was a pic of my mom and gram. The biggest thing that Theresa helped me with was i was feeling bad about I was not with her when she passed on. Theresa said you were there all night but she was glad when you left the room it made it easy for her to move on with out me in the room. And that she was met by alot of family and they were all waiting for her. That helped me a lot.
Thank You Teresa You are great.


Thank you Theresa. I went to my first reading ever and now appreciate what you offer in the way of healing. All my life, since age 8 when my mother died, I lived with a feeling of loneliness. Even though I was raised by a wonderful father, have a fabulous husband for 35 years and two great sons, I always yearned for the mother I lost. You helped me learn that my mother has been with me in spirit throughout my life and that has been very comforting. Thank you so much


Hi Theresa, I had the pleasure of meeting u at spin on comly road last April I Believe it was a wonderful experience for all.I would love if u could come to my home with a couple of my dear friends about 7 of us we all have had a tuff year. We need to be inlighted with your gift. Please contact me if possible Thank You Theresa. Have A bleesed Day!

bernadette fleming Rodriguez

I just wanted to thank Theresa for the reading i got tonight! I will be honest that i didn't expect much BUT did come into this experience with an open mind.... well, add me to the list of believers! I am greatful to know that my baby boy, Tyler is safe and at peace! His short lived, chaotic life and passing left me feeling helpless and lost! I didn't know where to go to get the answers i so desperately felt i was owed. But, tonight i think i will sleep well for the first time in 4 1/2 very long months knowing my son is with me and his sister and happy! My heart is full again, even though it is still broken! Thank You Theresa for this amazing gift and oppurtunity! xoxox.
P.S. If you don't think this is for you, don't knock it until you try it!!

Denise Zukowski

I just got finished a reading with Theresa and can not express how AMAZING she was! Not only did I connect with everyone on my list, I made connections after I hung up the phone. there are always going to be people who did not believe or skeptics, YOU NEED TO MEET THERESA. I can not express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to be a part of Theresa's special gift and to hear from my loved ones. It was truly a happy thanksgiving. Thank you Theresa. love you!


Hello Theresa About two months ago you where at my house and we had a reading, and gave everyone a beautiful reading when you came to me you had told me my mother had passed that I had not seen in over 40 years because she left. I did search for her and you were correct she had been passed about 10 years, I thank you for the closure This is the second time I have been read by you and it is always a blessing

Debra Stanley

Theresa what a terrific experience last nite. I had a feeling my dad would get things going for us. There were so many things you had to say to others that I know was for me also. While you were talking to one lady -- I really felt it was for me and she seemed a little confused. I had such a hard time at the end with my dad passing and the anger of being too busy taking care of him and not realized his life here was closer to being over than I thought. You touched on so may things and giving me names was just overwhelming. I can't wait to get to see you again. Thank you for giving me some peace.

Donna Alkins

I have seen Theresa twice - 3 years after my brother's death and now almost at 4. I was in awe at some of the things she said the first time, but this was even better! She told me the middle name of my future niece before I knew it-- I had to ask my sister her baby's name. She said something about my great grandma that is not that common, and she had my brother's middle name, and some other things. I am now way more open to learning about how to connect, and I am not afraid to randomly ask people questions to see if something she told me is about them. Thank you for teaching me.


I can NOT say enough about Theresa Roba, absolutely without a doubt an Angel sent to heal our hearts. I was always a happy go lucky person, always laughing an enjoying life, I had a flame inside me that was huge! Loved life, that flame became much smaller when right before 911 my brother who was my father figure passed then 4 1/2 years later even smaller when my sister died then 2 months after that my Mother died...my flame was left barely a flicker, I was lonely, depressed, my zest for life gone, angry, confused left devastated. Then 4 years later everything changed, I met Theresa Roba for my 1st reading, when I say she blew me away, would be an understatement! Never met her, she knew nothing about me, yet could tell me things that no one would know. Theresa saved me that day, saved me from living a sad and depressed life. My flame restored but now it's different. I was left on a high that I can never explain. I live each day with a purpose. Live and laugh and love Again. To know my loved ones are not gone, but still with me has given me such peace. I am thankful to God for sending us Theresa and her gift. I just hope I can find away to help others to pay it forward. I have become closer to God and my Angels because of Theresa.


Thanx to Theresa. My recent reading is helping me heal. knowing my husband is all ways there with me,is a BLESSING. He is missed so much. Thanx for your help in dealing with our loss.


The first time I saw Theresa was at a friends house with about 7 or 8 other people. She read everyone. My deceased family was a very strong presence. I literally had to get up and move for the energy around me to calm down. It worked for a little while but she kept coming back to me. The things Theresa said were spot on. I was so impressed that I booked her for a reading at my house. I had to wait 2 yrs. but it was worth it. I had several doubters there and they were very impressed by Theresa as well. Just today my daughter and I were going through some things in my basement and we came across a container with some things from my grandmother who passed in 2005. There was a pad of paper with her writing on it. It was great to see. Then my daughter says Oh My God! It just hit me, the last thing Theresa Roba said to me before she left the house was "you're going to be going through things and find something with your grandmothers handwriting on it". Theresa was at my house last October, 9 months ago. She says that what she tells us might not have happened yet, and may not happen as soon as she leaves but it will. Theresa is awesome!!! Thank you Theresa, you rock!!!

Michele S

Hi Theresa I was at your group last Friday in Roxborough And you were wonderful You told me about my father was so happy I was not there when he passed away I know that would be true you also said he waited to long for my mom 27 yrs you also said my mom gave me something about the Blessed Mother she gave me a medal of her . Everything you said was true You asked about a guy by the name of Larry who had a truck I couldn`t remember But now I know my husbands friend Larry died this year And you did`t say what he wanted to contact me for,Thank You So Much Eileen

Eileen Szewczak

Your live internet show from Finnigan's Wake was incredible! The connections you brought through for audience members were all so needed, I could feel the healing process myself. Please email me with info for your next show. Thank you so much for sharing with internet viewers.


Dear Theresa, THANK YOU for the great reading you gave my husband and I a few weeks ago! You brought up so many things that meant so much to both of us. I was totally amazed at all you knew!
Not only are you a gifted medium, but you are the sweetest, nicest, down to earth person that I felt totally relaxed with.
It has been 5 yrs since we lost our only child and you have given us the greatest gift & sense of peace since that time. You truly are AMAZING!
Bless you for all that you do.
Pat Cromwell
PS: I won't forget my promise 'when' I hit the lottery!


My name is kim , I met theresa at my friend Tina' s house in November. The reading I got from Theresa was unbelievable !!!! She was right on the money about everything !! I was in shock about who came thru , my mom , grandmom, ex husband and two friends that had passed , even my dog Casey !!! I can't thank her and them enough for everything. If I get to see you again theresa I will be giving you a big hug. You put my heart somewhat back together. I felt at peace after her reading . It was the most wonderful experience !!! I can never thank you or tina enough for that night . I hope and pray I get to see you again . God bless Theresa

Kim Hodges

Theresa thank you so much for a wonderful gallery reading. I have to admit this was a first experience for me and I was skeptical, until I witnessed the readings you had provided for 10 different people in one night. You are the real deal. You delivered information to me that no one else at this gallery could have known, and this information created leads to family and events (both good and bad) that I was not aware of, not to mention a sense of peace knowing that departed loved ones are happy in their eternal home. I pray and thank God for you, and for what was one of the most profound spiritual experiences in my life. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth H.

Theresa ... You are AMAZING! You continue to astound and amaze me each time I'm in your presence. You spread such love and peace while doing your sessions ... I don't understand it but I'm in awe. How in the world you ever knew about my hidden crown is beyond my comprehension ... but you did! You gave such peace and comfort to the group at my house that it will never be forgotten. You truly have a gift from God and you use it in a wonderful way. God bless You!

Dianne Kotschneff

Theresa is the Best!!! Lost my sister in June , biggest loss in my life and Theresa made me see that she is still with all of us, I feel she is at peace so therefore I am, Theresa was given messages from Kimmy that she would of never known, thanks for letting me be able to Heal, I Love You!!! God Bless You Theresa

Carole Lithgow

Theresa- I attended an event at Village Players of Hatboro on 1.25.15. I remain in awe of your precious Gifts! I believe God chose the perfect person to be a vessel to connect with Spirits of the deceased. I honestly am awestruck by your incredible accuracy and details that you shared with the various members of the audience. For me , you channeled my Mother exactly. From her name- Flo/ Florence to a specific unique piece of jewelry she mentioned through you, to my sister who was also present my mother mentioned my sisters favorite unique Birthday dinner of French Toast! I invited various friends and co-workers that I have met along life's journey whom I knew would appreciate and want to connect with Spirit, They all received very personal and accurate messages from their deceased loved ones by specific names. It was absolutely incredible! Honestly, it was beautiful, holy, and genuine. I have had a life long devotion to The Blessed Mother , Padre Pio and ST. Theresa of the Little Flower!
No coincidence ,and I had an Angel encounter at the Shrine of Czestochowa! Thank you for being you and for embracing your gifts! May God Always Bless you with strength and perseverance! xoxo

Alesia DeFrancesco

I had the pleasure to meet Theresa last Friday night. She promised to remember who I was if I reminded her that I was the one who got the GOD card in my Tarot reading. The entire experience was amazing. I had family members come throught Teresa with message for me and my other living family members. I listened to my tape again after my reading and got even more out of it the 2nd time around. I look forward to seeing Theresa again! Peace & Love